[GEM-dev] Re: GEM shader usage

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Mon Nov 21 21:40:47 CET 2005

...picking up this thread again:

...I've now got [glsl_vertex] & [glsl_fragment] working (ie. loading  
and compiling), but am temporarily stuck at how to pass on the  
GLhandleARB (which is actually a void*) to [glsl_program]?  In  
[pix_multitexture] I just used outlets with casts to t_float for the  
texture ID's, but I'm not sure how we should just pass a pointer to  
an opaque driver object (guess I need to re-consult IO's "how to  
write and external")...?  Should it be auto-paired with a message,  
like [vertex GLhandleARB< ?  This then would trigger an auto- 
registration of compiled shader objects in a kind of hash table,  
which would then be linked if something changed...then if linking  
goes ok, it would auto-discover the active Attrib and Uniform  
variables, and output a list of them to console (to remind the user/ 
programmer), but also set up named/numerical messages to accept...

...I figured this method would work better than trying to add some  
kind of stuff to GemState, because we'd be true to glsl's flexibility  
in linking...

...how's this sound?


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