[GEM-dev] again pix_film problem on OSX

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Thu Nov 24 01:34:13 CET 2005

On 11/22/05, Erich Berger <eb at randomseed.org> wrote:
> hi,
> i finally got to test the fix from chris.
> > Ok, I put a quick fix into CVS just now to bang at the end of a film.
> > This is only a fix in 'auto 1' mode - I'm not sure why the bang is not
> > sent when manually controlling playback using the right inlet.  It is
> > quite simple to test for this outside of the object itself using the
> > second outlet.
> my friend needs to use the automode that the sound of the video is
> playing. in manual mode there is no sound.
> now after the fix there is a bang in automode at the end of the file.
> this bang i can now use to turn off auto 1. the problem is
> that the audio as then still played once again (audio only).
> is there a way to fix this ?

pix_film/movie are designed to handle video only, so sound does behave
oddly using pix_film/movie.  It's really only in there by accident and
because I made a special build for my friend to use at one point.  I
obviously never checked in that build because it had volume control as
I recall.

> the behaviour of the linux object is a bit different and
> actually quite useful.
> if u put the object in auto 1 mode it will play the film until
> the end, stops and bangs from the right outlet. until it receives a
> message into the right inlet at which frame it should continue it does
> not start again. in this way i m in full control over the auto loop.

Auto mode on OSX hands off all of the movie tasking to Quicktime
because it resulted in much better playback with multiple movies at
once.  It's not good that the behavior between platforms is different,
but then again we've tried to make the Quicktime related objects work
as well as possible and not work against us.

> about the build process of gem under osx is it now a commandline build
> like under linux oder do i need to setup a special environment ?

We use the XCode project to maintain and build GEM on OSX.  It's free
and comes with the OS in most cases, but you have to learn it and also
sort out the libs like FTGL.

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