[GEM-dev] again pix_film problem on OSX

chris clepper cgclepper at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 03:22:17 CET 2005

Here's a real 'duh' answer: put the right outlet bang through a [delay
10] and have that bang a [1( or whatever frame number you want into
the right inlet.  That will stop the playback on that frame and the
sound.  Part of the problem is the sync between the internal states
and Pd messaging, which is why the delay is needed.

I will hopefully come up with something better in the near future.

On 11/24/05, Erich Berger <eb at randomseed.org> wrote:

> thx chris - i understand now.
> but if there is a way to stop whatever (object or quicktime) for
> repeating the sound once after it was switched to auto 0 then
> it would actually work.
> would this be possible ?
> best
> erich

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