[GEM-dev] frei0r

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue May 9 00:37:02 CEST 2006

On Mon, 8 May 2006, james tittle wrote:

> > Is there support for the frei0r plugin interface in GEM and/or are there
> > plans to support it soon?
> ...my only contact with that was at piksel04 with the gephex crew, and it was
> just starting out...

I was at Piksel'05. AFAIK, Jean-Sébastien Sénécal wrote a bunch of those 
plugins before Piksel'05.

> has it become something to look into?


> What is the value-added over the current freeframe support?

I don't know. I repressed all of my memories of the freeframe 
interface because it looked too much like MSDOS system calls.

> Or maybe you would like lividio?

LIVIDO didn't go through because there has been a last minute fork called
WEED, with the difference that WEED has been implemented in LiVES (which
doesn't support the "main" LIVIDO anymore) while I'm not sure that LIVIDO
0.99 has even one implementation, and if I understood correctly, it has 
changed significantly during Piksel'05. (I could be wrong)

>  Or how about fxPlug?  or perhaps cgFX? 

Never heard of those...

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