[PD-dev] Re: [GEM-dev] CVS Gem.linux load error: undefined symbol: glUniform4iARB Gem: can't load library

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue May 9 06:34:05 CEST 2006

On Mon, 8 May 2006, David Plans Casal wrote:
> On 8 May 2006, at 16:43, geiger wrote:
> > I am sorry but it won't be possible to add all users of DesireData 0.39.A
> > to the developer CVS. SF suggest to have at most 20 developers, Pd CVS
> > has already 54. Finding a better host for the CVS would be good
> > though, maybe this can go in line with an svn transition.
> > Any volunteer to take the lead in that ?
> Are you talking about finding completely alternative hosting to SourceForge,
> for SVN hosting Puredata on the whole?

I don't know whether Günter means switching away from SourceForge, but I 
really think that the whole Pd CVS should leave SourceForge right now. The 
web services like patch-tracker and bug-tracker and downloads and such can 
all stay on SourceForge, I don't mind, but the CVS has to leave because 
there are too many problems.

Actually, because Chun and I really have to work on DD alot these days and
the CVS is just plain down, we'd rather move out tomorrow than waiting
June 1st, but if SF is up tomorrow until the 30th I don't mind. 
If SF has longer downtime I'll make an emergency fork.

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