[GEM-dev] pix_video again

Erich Berger eb at randomseed.org
Mon May 15 14:20:16 CEST 2006


i was just sitting in front of the machine (minimac)
and watching the pd processes while my
friends app is running.

the memory use increases about a rate of 1MB per minute.

her movie codec
is: integer(big endian), animation.
she took this as a choice to get the
the alpha channel - did you test this as well ?
audio: linear pcm 44.100

can you recommend a codec with alpha were
you had no problems ?
if we get the same results then we can at least rule out the codecs.

maybe there is a leak somewhere else,
she is using additionally:


is there any known issue with this 2 objects ?

thx for the help




On Fri, 12 May 2006, chris clepper wrote:

> On 5/12/06, Erich Berger <eb at randomseed.org> wrote:
>> but just to make it clear for me:
>> is pix_film unloading the previous film from the memory when a new one is
>> loaded or does it remain in memory ?
> Only one frame is loaded into memory at a time by GEM.  Quicktime may
> establish it's own buffers depending on the codec type which is a process we
> have no control over.  I haven't seen any memory leaks from pix_film/movie
> on OSX and pieces using up to 16 of those objects have run for many months
> (wndows is a different story though).
> cgc

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