[GEM-dev] Does Gem makefile on OSX look for FTGL static libs? compiling Gem CVS on OSX from terminal

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Mon May 29 21:18:26 CEST 2006

Hey all,

Here is this thread again.

So once I was all happy with my new CVS binary of Gem, I realized (to my
dismay) that of course I compiled without font support.

So remembering the ol Xcode days I found FTGL and freetype and compiled
like so:

Freetype: (easy)
sudo make install

FTGL: (scarry)
used the "unix" folder since it was the only one with a makefile.
did sudo ln -s
so that the makefile found the GL stuff.
./configure --without-x  --with-ft-prefix=/usr/local/lib
--with-ft-exec-prefix=/usr/local/lib/ --disable-freetypetest
sudo make install
seemed to work, though I did not try compiling the test. I see FTGL
includes and binaries. Note this does create static libs.

So GEM can't see the FTGL stuff:

./configure  --with-ftgl --with-ftgl-includes=/usr/local/include/

checking for ftgl-config... yes
checking for main in -lftgl... no
checking for PKG_GLTT_CFLAGS...
checking for PKG_GLTT_LIBS...

 used optional libraries:

  font-rendering         :

    use ImageMagick      : no
    use TIFF             : no
    use JPEG             : no
    use mpeg             : no
    use mpeg-3           : no
    use QuickTime        : yes (framework)
    use aviplay          : no
    use ffmpeg           : no
    use v4l              : no
    use ieee1394         : no

    using ARB-extensions : yes
    using NV-extensions  : no
    using reg-struct-ret : yes

So I got most of the FTGL stuff from the blender compile howtos, but I'm
stuck with forcing gem to see FTGL...

Maybe gem is only looking for dynamic libs not static ones? I'd rather
FTGL be linked in static since that way I don't have to make sure FTGL is
compiled and working on each machine in the lab...

Thanks all!

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