[GEM-dev] pix_image pix_video strange quality

>---------------<[O:O]>---------------< benjah at free.fr
Tue May 30 17:09:27 CEST 2006

Hi all gem dev,

I use GEM since 2-3 years (thanks thanks thanks) mainly on win (sorry) 
and noticed a strange behavior regarding the quality of the image with 
pix_video and pix_image : when it doesn't work fine, the image is as if 
the depth color was only 8 bits (looks like a gif image with few colors) 
whereas my screens are configured on 32 bits + I m' not able to load big 
images with pix_image (I made test with .tiff, jpeg and different sizes 
of images : other I get a blank texture, or the image is cropped and 
loading a new image doesn't  work at this time)

when it works fine, the webcam image is nice, I can load images of any 
size and any proportion combines with pix_texture (no need of pix_texture2)
what is strange is that it depends the fact that it works fine or not 
seem to depend on the computer :  I use most GEM v0.90 Aug  3 2004 - Pd 
0.39.2 from miller on xp pro : I tested several patchs on amd+nvidia, 
intel+ati, intel+nvidia (same Pd and Gem version)
It works fine on amd sempron and nvidia 5200

I use more and more PD under Linux (debian, dyne, apodio), but I also 
often work with students that are scared to do an installation under 
linux if I'm not nearby
I tried to look in the list archive with no sucess
did this had already been noticed / discussed ?
thks 4 all

   _/ \_

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