[GEM-dev] graphical possibilities in GEM

Erich Berger eb at randomseed.org
Tue Feb 6 12:25:20 CET 2007

> 3.)One specific question: is there any possibility to work with fractals

there are 2 approaches i know of:

1) with texures:
ben bogart and me worked a lot with texture feedback,
u can produce fractal like structures quite simple with that method:
look at his self similar images:
i think there is a demo patch in his pixeltango release ...
the basic principle is to make a copy of a certain part of the gemwin
and then put this as a texture on a rectangle within the snap
area (pix_snap2texture) - the size of the rectangle needs to be smaller 
then the snap size. 
if you use several rectangles which receive the same texture
and you transform them differently you can produce a wide range
of fractals.

2) 3D:
a patch based on L system rules by cyrille henry
i think it was posted on the list also for quite some time.
if you dont find it i can have a look ...



> Thanks a lot for your help!
> Johannes
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