[GEM-dev] 2textures + gemframebuffer

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Mar 31 13:17:40 CEST 2008

cyrille henry wrote:
> i don't know what is possible. but i think that using a dummy image is strange.
> it would be great if this patch could work without the dummy pix_image (and then use the real texture coordinate from the frambuffer, and not the one from an other image).
> curently, the dummy image size should be the same as the frambuffer size. if not, you have to make correction in the shader.
>> the attached modification of your example works fine and uses the 
>> framebuffer itself as a dummy texture. is this what you head in mind?

so is it this what you had in mind? (using the texture-info of 
[gemframebuffer] and a [pix_texture] to setup the texcoords correctly)

>>>> (and i should add better aliases for the messages to 
>>>> [gemframebuffer]; like "dimen" instead of "dim", 
>>> ok
>>>> and "rectangle" instead of "mode" to make it in-line with other 
>>>> objects...)
>>> pix_texture use "mode 0" and "mode 1".
>>> what object does use rectangle?
>> [pix_texture] :-)
> ok. i did not know that.
> what is the oposite of rectangular?

non-rectangle, or 2d :-)

the "rectangle" message is really just an other name for the 
"mode"-message, you use it identical:
[rectangle 1( - turn on rectangle texturing (of supported)
[rectangle 0( - turn off rectangle texturing.

> could you also update the help file?

yes, once i found the time :-)


> cyrille
>>> i just add a feature request to add a texunit message to the 
>>> gemframebuffer, this would be very usefull.
>> i have seen it and agree.
>> fmasd.r
>> IOhannes
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