[GEM-dev] HALCON plugin

cyrille henry ch at chnry.net
Thu Sep 30 13:17:58 CEST 2010


i finally have an evaluation licence for the HALCON lib, for 1 month.

i compile the halcon plug-in like explain in the readme.
compilation was no problem.
in Gem/src, i did a :
ln -s plugins/*/.libs/*.so .

so i've got 5 gem_video plug in :
DC1394, DV4L, HALCON, V4L, V4L2

when i create a pix_video device i have this in pd log :

[pix_video]: backend #0='v4l2'	: v4l2 analog
[pix_video]: backend #1='v4l'	: v4l analog
[pix_video]: backend #2='dc1394'	: dc1394 iidc

in the terminal :
dylib loading file '/home/nusmuk/pd/Gem/src/gem_videoDC1394.so'!
dylib loading file '/home/nusmuk/pd/Gem/src/gem_videoDV4L.so'!
dylib loading file '/home/nusmuk/pd/Gem/src/gem_videoHALCON.so'!
library loading returned: dlerror 'libhalconcpp.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory'
dylib loading file '/home/nusmuk/pd/Gem/src/gem_videoV4L.so'!
dylib loading file '/home/nusmuk/pd/Gem/src/gem_videoV4L2.so'!

so, why did DV4L is not listed? is DC1394 replacing it?

i try to cp libhalconcpp.so in diferents place, but i still have the same error.
what sould i do so that gem_videoHALCON.so can load libhalconcpp.so?


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