[GEM-dev] USB 3.0 camera and Gem

Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 14:18:29 CEST 2012

hi jack,

i'm using a firewire 400 over RJ45 extender (from AVT) on a tour with an
AVT Guppy
it's work fine with 50m cable, it should work at least until 100m but i
never tried
it's not possible to use switch to increase the distance with this kind of

you can use certain switches with GigE but it increases latency i  think

another solution for very long distance (more than 100m) is the optical
you can find some firewire over optical fiber extender

Basler made a technical report on industrial cameras interface here :

hope this helps

do it yourself
Google lit ce mail...
si vous refusez cela, utilisez l'adresse antoine.villeret [at] free.fr pour
me contacter

Le 1 avril 2012 13:56, Jack <jack at rybn.org> a écrit :

> Le 01/04/2012 02:22, Max a écrit :
>> Am 01.04.2012 um 01:53 schrieb Jack:
>>> PS : does anybody tried an other solution (like GigE or
>>> USB<->Ethernet<->USB) with Gem when you need long distance between camera
>>> and computer ? Is it very stable ?
>> I could offer vnc access to a os x or ubuntu machine hooked up to either
>> a Allied Vision Tech GigE or Firewire 800 camera.
>> m.
> Hello Max,
> Did you ever tried that solution ?
> Is it appropriate to detect very small movement and is it enough fast to
> be used in real time (not to much latency ?) ?
> ++
> Jack
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