[GEM-dev] [pix_video] error with macbook's built-in camera

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> >> *works* but there is a memory leak, so Pd crashes after about a minute of playback.
> got it compiled and crash confirmed... cool that it works though!
> how to track this down?

I believe it’s something to do with the frame buffer not being freed correctly. None of the obvious Obj-C’isms are at fault though. I might have to rework things to use a different AVPlayer mechanism, though, based on the OpenFrameworks classes I’m working from.

Also, the performance issue I’m seeing relates to watching the OS media conversion helper process spin up CPU usage when the video is playing back, so the current method may not be the most performative either. As a first step, though, at least you can see frames are being read and then rendered in GEM.

> btw if i change from [gemglutwindow] to [gemcocoawindow] i get a totally different type of pd freakout.... GL: invalid framebuffer operation, glitching, etc

cocoawindow needs updates as well, I believe.

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