[PD-announce] More PDDP reference files: GLUE,TIME,and now MATH

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Sun Jul 21 10:46:57 CEST 2002

Hello all, I've been at it again.

Follow the link below to find some new reference documents for PD.  I have now completed all the MATH objects.  To date I have revised all the help documents (usually found in the pd/doc/5.reference/ folder) for the following objects:

GLUE objects - [bang] [print] [route] and [pack] etc. etc.

TIME objects - [delay] [line] and [metro] etc. etc.

MATH objects (NEW!) - [random] [max] [mtof] and [+] etc. etc.

32 of PD's native object reference documents have now undergone some major revisions.  I'm very interested in hearing some input from all of you and I'd be happy to work WITH somebody if anybody is interested or feels they can contribute to PD's existing documentation.

As well, if anybody finds a typo, mistake, or misinformation...please advise me and I'll make the necessary corrections.


Dave S

p.s.: If you're unaware of these documents or are new to this mailing list, you'll find more info about what it is that I'm doing and WHY I'm doing it at:  http://www.davesabine.com/media/puredata.asp?action=pddp
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