[PD-announce] netpd-shuffle: the netpd-radio

Roman Haefeli romanhaefeli at yahoo.de
Fri Dec 15 00:42:47 CET 2006

hi all

netpd-shuffle, the netpd-radio-stream, plays just everything that ever
has been recorded from netpd-sessions. there is also an
ANTI_BOREDOM_BUTTON on it's webinterface, that is to press, when a
session lasts for a too long time and is going to become boring (some
sessions are more than an hour long and stay the same for some time,
because everyone is chatting instead of making music.... ;-)


--this is all stuff made purely with puredata--

on the same stream livesessions will be broadcasted, that hopefully will
happen every thursday @ 9pm GMT. everyone is kindly invited to


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