[PD-announce] Relaunch of the RadioSolarKompass

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 10:23:26 CEST 2011

Hi all

Today starts the 'CONNECT' exhibition [1] where the RadioSolarKompass
[2] by Anja Kaufmann and me is shown. It's actually a project from 2005,
but was redone from scratch for this exhibition.

The RadioSolarKompass is a web radio that follows the sun around the
world. Radio stations from all over the world are broadcasted, depending
on their location. At any one time radios from those locations are
played where the sun currently is rising.

At the core, the RadioSolarKompass is driven by a Pd patch. 

[1 en] http://www.shedhalle.ch/en/wed-1307-opening-connect-art-between-media-and-reality
[1 de] http://www.shedhalle.ch/de/ausstellungen/connect-kunst-zwischen-medien-und-wirklichkeit

[2] http://www.radiosolarkompass.org/

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