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--- NEW FILE: ChangeLog ---
$Id: ChangeLog,v 2005/09/11 23:37:33 matju Exp $

Devil(ish) Desire 0.39.A (-r devel_0_39; scons desire=1) : 
 * merged into the devel branch; enable with scons desire=1, which disables
   lots of g_*.c files and enables desire.c; use the std devel gui using desire=0.
 * added proc def, which hides the self arg and turns @foo into _($self:foo)
 * run the client to start the server and not the other way around: do wish desire.tk
 * the client can make the server start via GDB
 * added Pd box (like Ctrl+M but with history)
 * added Gdb box
 * other stuff I forget to write about

Impd 0.37.B :
 * moving rendering to the TCL side
 * moving event-handling to the TCL side too
 * new file u_object.tk
 * added pd_scanargs(), pd_upload(), sys_mgui().
 * added color schemes (modifiable in u_main.tk)
 * switched to a jmaxish look
 * merged g_vdial.c into g_hdial.c
 * merged g_vslider.c into g_hslider.c
 * added Patcher->View->Redraw
 * added proc populate_menu, proc property_dialog
 * added ~/.pd.tk loading
 * inlet tooltips have new look
 * rewrote all of the property dialogs
 * added object class name completion (the <Tab> key)
 * mouse scrollwheel works in patchers
 * plus/minus button on tcl listener
 * changed default font and borderwidth
 * if conf not found in ~ ($HOME),
     looks in Pd's install directory (eg. /usr/local/lib/pd)
 * looks for .impdrc before .pdrc
 * pdrc editor
 * -help lists unavailable options with note "not compiled in"
 * sys_vgui() message size limit removed
 * new peak meters (thanks Carmen)
 * dropper object outputs symbols of filenames (requires tkdnd)
 * joe sarlo's VST-plugin i/o scheduler available on windows
 * error() merged into pd_error()
     and using strerror() to get meaningful error messages for failed I/O
 * completely breaking compatibility with Pd's GUI externals
   (for a good reason)

Impd 0.37.A.2 (-r impd_0_37_A_2) :
 * merged GG's reverting of "quote hack"

Impd 0.37.A (-r impd_0_37_A) :
 * forked from devel_0_37, 2004.02.21
 * added console for post()
   * .pdrc: -console <number_of_lines>
 * added button bar (that does like Ctrl+E & Put menu)
   * .pdrc: -look <directory_of_icons>
     (remember you can't use ~ nor $HOME in .pdrc)
   * includes a selectable windowid (for those who know how to use it)
 * class list dialog
   * scans for loaded classes, abstractions/externs dirs
   * help button fetches help file without needing to instantiate first
   * filter box helps finding classes quickly
   * displays some info on the class, like a list of defined methods and such.
 * statusbar shows cursor position (enable with -statusbar)

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