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Fri Jan 13 21:25:16 CET 2012

Revision: 15871
Author:   eighthave
Date:     2012-01-13 20:25:15 +0000 (Fri, 13 Jan 2012)
Log Message:
fix 'overlapping/intersecting triangles' issue, patch by Christian Borss.


We are using a speaker setup which includes, among others, a "front left",
"front right", "center", "top center", and a "floor center" speaker. We
observed that a sound source panned slightly right beside the "center" is
almost solely played back via the "center" while a sound source panned slightly
left beside the "center" is played back by the "front left", the "top center",
and the "floor center" speaker. This has the effect that the auditory source-
width jumps, if we move the panned sound source from right to left. The reason
is as follows: for the measured azimuth/elevation angles of our speaker
positions (e.g., 3 elevated center speakers at 2?\194?\176, 2?\194?\176, and 3?\194?\176 azimuth
angle), define_loudspeakers() returns intersecting triangles. The attached
patch solves this issue.

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