[PD-dev] GEM-0.87b1 for OS X released

tigital tigital at mac.com
Sat Jul 6 22:55:54 CEST 2002


...like the subject line says:  it's not finished (what is?), but 
it's at a spot where I think people can start 
learning/experimenting...no source yet, far too much ugly debug stuff 
in there now, and I want to do a major change to how the film/movie's 
are loaded (mac side only)...

...also, I'm building this in Project Builder as a bundle. 
Unfortunately, pd won't load it as a bundle:  right now I  have to 
open up the bundle and navigate to the 'executable/library', then 
pull it out and place it in the same place that the bundle is, then 
delete the bundle and finally rename the moved library 
"GEM.pd_darwin"...this then is loaded just fine by pd (btw, I'm using 
pd-0.35-test29)...anyone have an idea how to get around this/do it 
correctly?  I figure that the source and project builder stuff should 
wait to be released when this is worked out...

oh, and here's some stuff from my first attempt at a readme...start 
banging away and send me some bug reports!


beta1 release:

- Place GEM.pd_darwin in your pd-0.35-testX/extras folder
- To run pd with GEM, add "-lib GEM" to your command for pd
	ie:  /Applications/pd-0.35-test29/bin/pd -lib GEM
- The default graphics window is at [offset 0 0]...you can change this in any
	patch by adding a message to [gemwin] for [offset x y]
- The graphics window is defaulted to 500x500 on the main monitor: 
the dimensions
	can be changed, but I haven't made it aware of multiple 
monitors (yet), or
	fullscreen for that matter...
- pix_imageInPlace doesn't seem to work
- 3d font/text isn't implemented yet...
- when using pix_movie or pix_film, you can load *.mov or *.mpg, but the *.mpg
	will crash, because it can't tell the # of frames or 
framerate yet...*.avi's
	won't load if they are in Indeo compression
- *.obj 3d models load, but only do this after a window has been 
created.  There
	are several examples that use a [loadbang] to load everything 
on opening
	the patch, but we need an OpenGL context to do this on the 
mac, which means
	you need to open a graphic window before you can load a model...
- particles seem to work fine
- no saving of images/movies yet
- no video input yet (soon!)
- mouse, tablet, and orb input aren't working
- Remember, this is a debug version, so there's lots of output to the console
	about what's going on, and no compiler optimizations are on

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