[PD-dev] GEM-0.87b1 for OS X released

tigital tigital at mac.com
Mon Jul 8 20:15:13 CEST 2002

>Thank you James,
>The OSX port is looking very good. Are you starting to take bug reports
>yet? anyhow here are a few initial observations. the "dimen 640 480"
>message to gemwin does not work, always opens at about 400x400. the gem
>window also seems to open under the main titlebar, so if it does have its
>own titlebar then I can't see how to move it. I've opened up a few of my
>own patches and they work great!

Congratulations!  You came up with the first bug! the window actually 
opens as 500x500, offset 0,0...I hadn't tried to resize it, and the 
way it works you'd hafta do it before creating the window anyway...

...didja read the readme?  It specifically talks about moving the 
window around (hint: offset), but right now this can only be done 
when creating a window...I may make it freely floating sometime in 
the distant future...also, there is no window title bar.

btw, I'd be interested in seeing other people's patches, haven't 
gotten around to creating my own (yet), and it's always good to see 
where others have already tread...

>I'm running on a dual450 and a single 733 both with 512MB ram. The 733
>has the new NVidia card in it. on both machines it seems to run very
>slow. noticably more jerky than on the Linux machine (PII 350 with 128MB
>RAM and Geforce2 MX400) Its definatly slowest on the 450, with the ATI

...this is mostly due to the lack of compiler optimizations, in 
addition to an extra picture copy when dealing with 
movie/films...also, there's alot of console output right now (ex. 
time per frame for every frame!), so that makes it really slooow...

otoh, the whole point of this release is only to see if it actually 
works on other machines!  So now I can move on with a better film 
loader, 3d text, and video/dv input...

>I'll be teaching a workshop on PD/Gem in about a month. They only have
>one PC so I was hoping to be able to use PD on OSX, now thanks to you I
>can run another Gem session. Thanks for all the time and effort
>(especially helping me with my own OSX compilation issues)

Tanx for the feedback!


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