[PD-dev] width of graphical representation

d dieb13 at klingt.org
Sun Jul 14 02:44:18 CEST 2002

hi philip!
one simple hack to change the width of an object at creation time is to
append senseless creation-arguments like __________________ after the
name (or the needed arguments).
otherwise you would have to make a gui-object.


> I've written an external that generates a variable amount of outlets in its
> new-method. The amount is dependent on a number specified in the external's
> object box at creation time. Typically I need up to 16 or even more outlets.
> Since only textwidth is considered for the width of the graphical
> representation (object box) of my external, I can't distinguish more than 8
> (hardly distinguishable) outlets displayed. Has anyone an idea, how the width
> of an object box can be specified or changed in the new-method?
> Thanks in advance,

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