[PD-dev] numberbox sizes + fonts

Andre Schmidt andre at vju-tv.net
Tue Sep 10 14:32:27 CEST 2002


has some1 seen this too on pd0.35-1
compare the two numberboxes on top to the nb on bottom... strange...
i've seen the same problem on many of the sample patches...
this is on windows2000, i wonder if its on linux/osx too...


as i find courier somehow "dirty" and my font (PUFO) "steril" i made some mods...
dont pay attention to the capitals ! they are still under construction...
i also added 2pix for the height (before 8x11, now 8x13) good/bad ?
yes, the (empty space)height is still smaller than couriers but i think this is big enough !? (atleast for objects&co, on normal text they are MAYBE too close)

as courier is not good readable under 12pt i thought i make "simple" fonts starting from 5x7pix(~6pt) and then "morphing" on the way to courier at 12pt. after 12pt we can use courier thats nice readable...


btw. is this used and how ? (from pd.tk)

proc iemgui_toggle_font {id} {
    set vid [string trimleft $id .]

    set var_iemgui_gn_f [concat iemgui_gn_f_$vid]
    global $var_iemgui_gn_f
    set $var_iemgui_gn_f [expr [eval concat $$var_iemgui_gn_f] + 1]
    if {[eval concat $$var_iemgui_gn_f] > 2} {set $var_iemgui_gn_f 0}
    if {[eval concat $$var_iemgui_gn_f] == 0} {$id.gnfs.fb configure -text "courier" -font {courier 10 bold}}
    if {[eval concat $$var_iemgui_gn_f] == 1} {$id.gnfs.fb configure -text "helvetica" -font {helvetica 10 bold}}
    if {[eval concat $$var_iemgui_gn_f] == 2} {$id.gnfs.fb configure -text "times" -font {times 10 bold}}

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