[PD-dev] OS X 10.2 midi, tcl/tk problems ;-(

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Sep 13 10:21:04 CEST 2002

Hi Jamie, all.

I believe tigital said this around Thu, 12 Sep 2002:

>...also, has anyone noticed any tcl/tk weirdness under 10.2?  I'm 
>getting stalls all over the place, for instance opening a patch hangs 
>until you move the cursor...actually, cursor movement seems necessary 
>for any pd interface update...seems I've got TCL/TK 8.4a4, which is 
>the latest I've seen around (with an installer, that is; is there a 
>more current/stable cvs somewhere?)

I've been chasing these issues around for the past couple of days. This
weirdness is definitely at the tcl/tk level, and is well-known under 10.2
(Jaguar). There's a discussion on the mactcl list starting here:

There *are* newer versions of Tcl/Tk than what you have. Tcl/Tk has just
been brought to 8.4 release, and is available in source form at
SourceForge... but people are reporting trouble building Tk (me too).
There's a pre-compiled version of 8.4-final included in AlphaTK:

...but that version doesn't work around the bug. There is a patch
discussed in the thread above, but I haven't verified it yet (cos of
compilation problems).

Best regards,

 Adam Lindsay                  +44(0)1524 594 537
 atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk

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