[PD-dev] arbitrary start position with tabwrite~

cxdd jdl at xdv.org
Tue Sep 17 14:01:35 CEST 2002

otherwise check the tabwrix~ xtrnl, it does that including
setting end point ..

[Chris McCormick]->[[PD-dev] arbitrary start position with tabwrite~]->[02-...

 |Hi Miller, list, I've made the following tiny patch to tabwrite~ so
 |i can begin recording to a table at an arbitrary sample position.
 |instead of banging tabwrite~ you can send it 'start 123' and it will
 |start recording at sample position 123. I need this because i want
 |to make long audio recordings but i might not want to start
 |recording the whole thing at the beginning.
 |chr15m:~/software/installed/pd-0.35-0/src$ diff d_array.c d_array.c.old
 |< static void tabwrite_tilde_start(t_tabwrite_tilde *x, t_floatarg fstart)
 |< {
 |<     x->x_phase = fstart;
 |< }
 |<     class_addmethod(tabwrite_tilde_class, (t_method)tabwrite_tilde_start,
 |<       gensym("start"), A_FLOAT, 0);
 |chris at mccormick.cx
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 |PD-dev at iem.kug.ac.at

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