[PD-dev] loading abstractions into objcts...?

lsw leonard at swiezinski.de
Fri Sep 20 12:56:05 CEST 2002

Hi Olaf!

in the attached zip you'll find a test patch for abstraction loading and
I took send and receive instead of inlet and outlet, because it makes
dynamic-linking much easier.

I hope that is what you meant...


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Subject: [PD-dev] loading abstractions into objcts...?

> Hi developers,
> say I have an abstraction having one (control) inlet and one (control)
> outlet and an external with the same number of inlets/outlets that does
> nothing by it's own. What I now would like to do is to 'load' the
> abstraction into may external instead of loading it as a 'stand-alone
> object'. Thus my external would always be there but I could load
> different abstractions into it. Would that be possible without having to
> write a second Pd in an external?
> I tried some things but it all ended up in a new canvas popping up
> containing my abstraction (or parts of it or even parts of the calling
> patch...).
> please enlighten me!
> Olaf
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