[PD-dev] loading abstractions into objcts...?

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Fri Sep 20 17:19:09 CEST 2002

Hi Krzysztof,

your rabin code does nearly exactly what I wanted to do! It safed me a lot of
work! My idea also was to 'clone' an abstraction to use several instances of
The only difference is that I need a control outlet. I got that far that I can
get the values sent to the outlet using an extra receive object. But I did not
manage to get it out of the objects outlet... Do you have any idea how this
could be done? I would try to create a second class within my object that
would behave like a receive object, something like:

class_new(gensym("liker"), NULL, NULL, sizeof(t_liker),

But maybe there is an easier solution to 'grab' the data that is send.

BTW, your code works with the current Pd version and compiled without trouble
on Win2k.


czaja at chopin.edu.pl schrieb:

> hi Olaf,
> have a look at
> http://suita.chopin.edu.pl/~czaja/miXed/externs/rabin.html
> do not know if it works with the current Pd version, but the
> source in rabin.c might give you some idea.
> Krzysztof
> > say I have an abstraction having one (control) inlet and one (control)
> > outlet and an external with the same number of inlets/outlets that does
> > nothing by it's own. What I now would like to do is to 'load' the
> > abstraction into may external instead of loading it as a 'stand-alone
> > object'. Thus my external would always be there but I could load
> > different abstractions into it. Would that be possible without having to
> > write a second Pd in an external?
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