[PD-dev] c/c++ compilers

André Schmidt andre at vju-tv.net
Mon Sep 23 20:24:36 CEST 2002

hi thomas,

ok, for these compability/speed issues i think MSVC is the choice (after 
all) for me/newbie on win32...
with dev-c++ i got many "linker" errors to "commands" in 'm_pd.h', so i 
quess its not compatible with that compiler... hmm, as dev-c++ can use gcc 
i could... too much work. i change to msvc...

btw. in what os/compiler is PD made originally (by miller) ?

ps. sorry for my stupid comments/questions, i'm a fresh c/c++ newbie going 
way 2 fast :)

At 19:42 23/09/2002 +0200, Thomas Grill wrote:
>Hi Andre,
>i've included makefiles for the free compilers cygwin/gcc and Borland C++
>5.5 with my external packages. (see
>Especially with Borland C++ you should have a look how to do it as the
>library format is not binary compatible to the one MS uses.
>There's some loss of speed with these compilers, however.
>I did not try to recompile PD with one of these compilers (only adapted the
>header files m_pd.h and m_imp.h), but i tend to think that there have to be
>some slight changes to the code for that.
>am 23.09.2002 18:15 Uhr schrieb André Schmidt unter andre at vju-tv.net:
> > hi devs,
> >
> > i'm now starting to learn the wonders of c/c++ coding on windows and was
> > wondering what compilers/IDE are you all using. or what compilers you could
> > recommend for a beginner. i would like to avoid using M$-VC or other
> > commercial products...
> >
> > i found something interesting: http://www.bloodshed.net/devcpp.html (i'm
> > more a GUI person:)
> > and downloaded the version 5(beta!) and tried to make the "helloworld"
> > external @ http://iem.kug.ac.at/pd/externals-HOWTO/node3.html but i only
> > get errors...
> > so it would be nice if some1 would test/know if this dev-c++ is "usable"
> > for pd/externals
> > (i assume the errors didnt have nothing to do it being beta)
> >
> > thnx
> > -andre
> > ps. is there a "how to" for compiling pd on windows (using NOT commercial
> > compilers)
> >
> >
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