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what you're talking about sounds an aweful lot like GEM.  GEM is an
image/video/openGL external for PD that works in a chain structure to allow
for the manipulation of whatever the input may be.  it also does full openGL
3D rendering in real time.


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> Hello, I'm almost a newbye to Pure-Data even if I had some experience
> with MAX/MSP. I've got experience in building systems for real-time
> processing of video (live or movies) in order to generate data for
> music/sound synthesis. I'm looking at writing PD externals to do that.
> I'd like to know if it is possible (and how) to add a new datatype to
> PD, ore, some advice on how to implement my ideas.
> Reading the documentation I've seen that there are very few datatypes:
> number, symbol, pointer and audio buffers. Given that I'm just beginning
> to tackle the problem may be I'm asking some FAQ, anyway...
> I can't understand what is the pointer datatype.
> A symbol seems to be "just" a string. Can I add a value a pointer to a
> data structure?
> It is possible to build something as audio buffers (image data type, or
> multidimensional array)? Does that require modifications to PD?
> The system I'm working on, allows to create a chain of processing on
> images, then when the system begins to run there is an init phase where
> each element of the processing chain is told what kind of images it will
> receive, it initializes itself and its internal buffers, and then starts
> working everytime it receives data. I think that it is more or less what
> happens with the audio chain in PD.
> Framestein has a different approach given what I've seen.
> Something similar seems to be GridFlow, but I'm having a hard time
> trying to understand its inner workings.
> Well if somebody can give me some pointer to start think about... thanks
>         Riccardo Trocca
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