[PD-dev] clocks & threads

Tom Schouten doelie at zzz.kotnet.org
Thu Dec 5 13:07:08 CET 2002

> Concerning thread-safe PD... what functions do we want to be
> thread-safe?
> For my part, i really only need clock_set, since all other issues are
> handled by flext.

if outlet_thingy would be thread safe, that would be really nice,
but i guess that is a bit too much to ask. :)

i can live with clock_set being thread safe. it would be nice to have a sort 
of synchronous communication:

* receive a message
* pass some data to another thread (thread starts processing, main thread 
* when thread is finished, it signals this using clock_set, meaning the next 
pd scheder run the data processed is available in the main thread again.

this seems to be all there is needed for simple load balancing tasks using 


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