0.36 in CVS was: Re: [PD-dev] CVS now handles binaries

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Tue Dec 10 12:46:08 CET 2002

guenter geiger said this at Mon, 9 Dec 2002 19:57:36 +0100:

>> I've been giving some thought to that on the OSX side, mostly with
>> regards to the packaging system.
>I would prefer having the externals build before packaging them,
>is packageing really such a problem on OSX ?

Yes, the idea is to package the pre-built externals. 

>I just thought that the externals get thrown into a directroy somewhere.

Well, maybe I'm making things more complicated than necessary for myself,
but I find I need to:
1) Throw the external into a directory
2) Make a symbolic link from the 'extra' directory to the .pd_darwin binary
3) Make symbolic links from doc/5.reference to all of the .pd help files
[or 3a) Make a correctly named symbolic link from doc/5.reference to the
help directory]
4) Make sure abstractions are taken care of.
5) Make sure miscellaneous data, audio, video, and text files are linked.

I don't think there are enough similarities between existing externals to
script this process. I'm used to being a spoiled (Mac) user, and think
that there has to be a better way of installing these things.

>> Also, regarding the CVS, are there any plans of a merge of version 0.36-
>> final into the CVS tree? (or, alternatively, giving me clear-enough
>> pointers that I could spend time with it and not screw it up?)
>Well, as I did not know that myself, I tried to screw it personally.
>The result of all that should be in the devel_0_36 branch, together
>with a log message that is completely unrelated.
>Anyhow, here is how I did it:
>1) Download the new pd source
>2) cd pd-X.XX-X
>3) cvs -d:.... import pd source_dist devel_0_36-0
>4) cd to/my/cvs/pd/dir
>5) do the merge (locally): cvs update -j devel_0_36-0
>6) clean up conflicts
>7) cvs commit -m 'some meaningless log message'
>Actually I wanted to have a "meaningful" log message in  step 7,
>but I happend to fix something else, and commited all together with
>the  'fixed initialization problem with makeout' message ... sorry.

Well, I clearly still have a lot to learn about CVS myself...
That worked like a charm, as close as I can tell. All of the bugs that I
was aware of seem to have matched 0.36-0's status.

Oh, I just put Miller's updated install documentation (x3.htm) into the
CVS, for completeness's sake.


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