0.36 in CVS was: Re: [PD-dev] CVS now handles binaries

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Tue Dec 10 20:44:22 CET 2002


i get a bang delayed 5 seconds with a [delay 5000] using pd-0.35-0 on 
OSX.  i timed it with my watch as well as with the [timer] object.


>Hi Adam, hi all,
>are those timing problems in PD at OSX gone with version 0.36?
>When i use a [delay 5000] with your packaged version the delay is 
>more like 1,5 seconds, which makes PD rather unusable for a lot of 
>tasks. Am i the only one experiencing this?
>(using the [timer] object to measure the time reports the correct 
>delay, which may indicate that i'm stuck in a time-hole or whatever)
>best greetings,
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