0.36 in CVS was: Re: [PD-dev] CVS now handles binaries

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Wed Dec 11 00:07:30 CET 2002

I believe Thomas Grill said this around Tue, 10 Dec 2002:

>> i get a bang delayed 5 seconds with a [delay 5000] using pd-0.35-0 on 
>> OSX.  i timed it with my watch as well as with the [timer] object.
>> cgc
>Hmmm, that's strange, maybe i should move to another flat.

Perhaps it's because you're already moving too fast... (~ c ....sorry.)

>However, there's (which means here's) no noticable difference between 
>[delay 5000] and [delay 15000] which brings about some deeper 
>philosophical questions.

That's odd, I can't say I've ever noticed that. I tried on both the
current, up-to-date CVS build and a build that I think dates from my pre-
packaged version, and don't encounter it, either.

That reminds me... Are people interested in another pre-packaged OSX PD
build, with Tcl/Tk?

I tried preparing one today (tedious), but ran into some minor snags. If
a double-click-able package is something people want, I'll try again.


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