[PD-dev] [announce] realcast~ (beta)

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Thu Dec 12 19:16:04 CET 2002

Hi there,

by now this is a 'developers only' announcement! ;-)

At http://www.akustische-kunst.org/puredata/real/ you'll find the new
realcast~ external. It can be used to stream RealAudio to a RealServer.
It has to be considered beta because I only tested it on my machine and
with one single RealServer.
It's windows only at the moment but the Helix Producer SDK needed to
compile and run it is also available for Linux.

known bugs / limitations:
- small audio crackle at buffer boundaries (usually every 5
  seconds - I'm far too blind to find the mistake...)
- no error message in case connection to server fails (but a
  very detailed logfile will be written to disk if logging is enabled)
- some optional settings missing (e.g. TCP instead of UDP...)
- difficult to set up (see readme.txt)

happy streaming,


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