[PD-dev] [GEM] new postrender crashes OS X

tigital tigital at mac.com
Mon Dec 16 15:46:24 CET 2002


...I'm really not sure what or why IOhannes is doing some of these 
changes?  So far, they have led to crashes and instability on the Mac 
OS X port.  Thanks.  I am frustrated, because things that worked no 
longer function correctly!  What makes it worse is that these changes 
are done without any announcement or warning, unless you watch the 
cvs logs daily...and even then, the logs are not specific to changes 
in a file, and do not give any insight to the scope of the changes...

...the first problem came when IOhannes decided to rewrite the 
processImage() system:  thankfully, he tried to hide most of this 
within #ifdef NEW_DUAL_PIX, but there was no discussion as to the 
thought behind this...

...then he filed a rewrite of rendering:

deleted pix_fx
	the pix_fx functionality is now in GemPixObj
	this functionality is: save the image-state before it is processed
	and reconstruct it in the postrender function
	so we can change size/format and even bend the data-pointer
	and objects "before" will not notice (and crash)

...this is the cause of my crashes...previously, I could switch out 
movies on the fly when doing dual processing; now we get segfaults 
when there is no "old_data"...and this change was supposed to fix a 
crash?  haha

...I don't see how Mac OS X support for GEM can continue without a 
little discussion before unilaterally making changes to cvs that 
affect all platforms...


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