[PD-dev] [GEM] new postrender crashes OS X

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Mon Dec 16 17:41:10 CET 2002

Hi James, et all.

First off I have to say that James, Adam and Chris, I really appreciate the work you are doing on the OSX port and I think it is of great value to the community. I understand that this development process is difficult, and keeping the cvs working on both sides (linux and osx+others) when all the develppers don't have access to all the OSs is a great challange. I know the last time I tried to use the CVS version on linux, the pix_movie stuff was broken under linux. I don't mean this to be a blame thing, but it is in all our best interests that the changes made are not breaking stuff that had previously worked. 

I do think a more verbose dialog between developers may help the issues you describe. Any other opinions?


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From: tigital <tigital at mac.com>
Date: Monday, December 16, 2002 9:46 am
Subject: [PD-dev] [GEM] new postrender crashes OS X

> hello,
> ...I'm really not sure what or why IOhannes is doing some of these 
> changes?  So far, they have led to crashes and instability on the 
> Mac 
> OS X port.  Thanks.  I am frustrated, because things that worked 
> no 
> longer function correctly!  What makes it worse is that these 
> changes 
> are done without any announcement or warning, unless you watch the 
> cvs logs daily...and even then, the logs are not specific to 
> changes 
> in a file, and do not give any insight to the scope of the changes...
> ...the first problem came when IOhannes decided to rewrite the 
> processImage() system:  thankfully, he tried to hide most of this 
> within #ifdef NEW_DUAL_PIX, but there was no discussion as to the 
> thought behind this...
> ...then he filed a rewrite of rendering:
> deleted pix_fx
> 	the pix_fx functionality is now in GemPixObj
> 	this functionality is: save the image-state before it is processed
> 	and reconstruct it in the postrender function
> 	so we can change size/format and even bend the data-pointer
> 	and objects "before" will not notice (and crash)
> ...this is the cause of my crashes...previously, I could switch 
> out 
> movies on the fly when doing dual processing; now we get segfaults 
> when there is no "old_data"...and this change was supposed to fix 
> a 
> crash?  haha
> ...I don't see how Mac OS X support for GEM can continue without a 
> little discussion before unilaterally making changes to cvs that 
> affect all platforms...
> l8r,
> jamie
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