[PD-dev] pd installer 4 windows

André Schmidt andre at vju-tv.net
Mon Dec 23 14:35:07 CET 2002

little correction for installation options
help = pd/doc/5.reference
example = pd/doc/<others>

and i need to move bonk~&co <help>.pd files to 5.reference


At 13:51 23/12/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>hi miller, all,
>i'm doing an "easy" (+un)installer of PD 4 windows with 
>(got inspired by the osX installer:) (and i'm also thinking on doing 
>installer(s) for externs)
>yes, i know. but even for experienced user a "few clicks" installer is 
>much convenient than unpacking & moving (especially 4 externs!!!)
>comments ?!
>oh, allmost forgot
>i'm giving the installer options for  main, help, sources. so would be 
>nice if some1 could say what are
>- main ; the minimum files that are needed to run PD
>- help ; i assume all in "pd/doc"
>- sources ; i assume all in "pd/src" + respective folders in extra (what 
>about the folders-> portaudio & tcl and *.h files in "lib/asio")
>ps is some1 planning on doing a GUI for the commandline options of PD (or 
>maybe a somekindof "autodetect") ?
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