[PD-dev] [GEM] new postrender crashes OS X

zmoelnig at iem.at zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Dec 24 09:46:57 CET 2002

Hi !

Zitiere bbogart at ryerson.ca:
> Hey guys,
> As for naming, how about pix_foo_yuv for the yuv versions of the
> objects..
what i just wanted to make clear, is that there should not be any difference 
between rgba- and yuv- processing (i have heard this before)
rgba-objects are not called rgba_foo or pix_foo_rgba either, nor do grey-objects
maybe i will have some christmas-days and come back with a completely changed 
mind. who knows ?

> As for YUV in general I think it would only be used by more advanced
> users, mostely because the colorspace is imply that much more difficult
> to get your head around. As such I would say objects should be rgb by
> default and the yuv choice only comes in when you know you want it.
kind of what i thought.

> I think the waysoftVNS deals with colorspace is more as Johannes
> describes, with very fast conversion between colorspaces (altivec) I
> think you can specify the color space of a video source by send the
> source object a message. Perhaps something similar in Gem where the pix_
> objects check what kinda of data they are getting and act accordingly,
> ie printing a message saying that pix_blah only supports YUV, and you
> must use pix_yuv to convert the rgba stream in order to use this object.
this is exactly what i want. (and what it does now)

> with all the efforts with coloured patchcords, how about changing the
> color of an object when it gets a datastream it does not support. Some
> of the other packages (eyesweb) only lets you connect compatible data
> types, otherwise it simply refuses to connect the objects. 
well, i'm not part of the GUI-fraction of pd-users...


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