[PD-dev] [GEM] more on YUV (was: postrendering crashes)

tigital tigital at mac.com
Tue Jan 7 20:22:42 CET 2003

>guenter geiger wrote:
>>zmoelnig at iem.at:
>>>i will not have linux-only or macOS-only stuff in Gem as it is.
>>>For things like this, i would recommend to have a look at gemee (but i would
>>>rather not fork development)
>>... you probably want to say that OS specific things as well as
>>experimental stuff can be written as externals, just as in gemee, right ?
>i really want GEM to run on all platforms with the same behaviour 
>(but maybe not with the same performance)
>but i guess, it's not günter i have to tell this...(smile)

...right:  I mean, we can't write altivec code for you to use, and 
vice-versa for ya'll and MMX!  Also, we use different codecs and 
stuff, but that should all be transparent, anyway...

>and i really do not want to lose the mac-people, now that they have 
>done so much work...
hi IOhannes,

...don't worry:  we're still here!  Just got quiet for awhile during 
a little break ;-)

...I think chris and I have come around to putting everything into 
pix_*, but that means there will be alot of objects that don't have 
rgba functionality, which is kinda useless on macs now; also, I think 
it'd be to everyone's advantage to move to YUV processing, even if 
there is a last minute conversion before texturing, because of the 
reduced amount of data for manipulation, and the fact that most 
codecs are decompressed to yuv, then converted to rgba anyway (see 
libmpeg)...I'm also keen on the idea of having movie/film/video 
objects that change color space based on messages sent to them, but 
we've got alot of coding to make this all work...;-)

ok, end o'tirade/dreaming-out-load!


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