[PD-dev] [GEM] more on YUV (was: postrendering crashes)

daniel heckenberg daniel at bogusfront.org
Wed Jan 8 00:28:54 CET 2003

Hi Chris, list,

chris clepper writes:
> *the Windows version of GEM doesn't use QuickTime right now, but it 
> could be added fairly easily.  Does this interest anyone?

yes - this would certainly be a good idea.  There would be a little work in
making the use of VideoForWindows or QuickTime (or DirectShow) transparent
to the end user but selectable when people really know what they want to

I'm a little behind in the code revisions that have occurred with GEM since
0.87 but would like to assist in this process.  I'd also like to look at
these issues in GEM:
 - DirectShow support (which I've implemented for GEM 0.87)
 - Audio loading and handling within pix_film.
 - Separate threading for GEM objects to allow low latency audio to coexist
with high CPU load video.   (does the pdp code offer any insights for this?
- I'll have a look)

Hopefully I'll have a bit of time over the summer break to look at these
things.  Is anyone else looking at these things at the moment?

On another note: I've done some experiments using Color matrix support in
OpenGL 1.2 which could be a fast way of doing YUV to RGB conversion.  On my
nvidia geforce2go under win2k, color matrices aren't particularly fast - it
looks like the color matrix is implemented in software in the drivers...
combined with the fact that I can't see an easy way to handle the YUYV
interleaving this probably means "Wrong way. Go Back"


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