[PD-dev] Re: [PD] Re: [PD-announce] PiDiP version 0.6.1 [ motion detection ]

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Fri Jan 10 01:08:21 CET 2003

>in the long run maybe :) the plan is to port the mmx stuff to c 
>(c++) first and to add a general x-window output object (right now, 
>only xv), so it at least works for all linux targets.

having all the code available as C or C++ will make it much easier 
for someone to port.

>the prob for the mac pdp port is that it is pretty much tied to 
>linux for the input output stuff right now. i don't know if 
>libquicktime compiles for osx, this would sure make things easier.. 
>for live video input/output on osx, i am pretty much in the dark. if 
>someone has the drive and knowlegde to do the io for osx, i'd be 
>more than happy to add altivec stuff :)

there is really no point in doing libquicktime on OSX since it has 
the real thing.  libquicktime really has nothing in common with the 
mac quicktime api apart from reading the file format and decoding a 
very small percentage of the available quicktime codecs.  it's quite 
easy to add quicktime video to an app, it's about 10 lines of code. 
plus, there are a ton of other goodies covered by quicktime.

so tom, how are your altivec skills?  i'm going to dive back into it next week.


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