[PD-dev] Status request of the jackified versions of pd

guenter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Thu Jan 16 13:28:11 CET 2003

On 14 Jan 2003, Thomas Charbonnel wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently using the fifo based jackified pd version. It works quite
> well except it can't achieve real low latency operations (I can't use it
> with frames-per-period under the default 1024 settings).

What are the problems you have ?
If its DIO errors, then you have to start pd with the -realtime flag
(as root or suid root).
If it is xruns, then it is a jack problem, and doesn't have to do with
pd directly.

> The version I use comes from the CVS devel_0_35 branch.
> The stable pd version is now 0.36, does a fifo based jackified 0.36 pd
> version exist ? What is the status of the callback based pd version ?

Yes, a fifo based jackified version is on the CVS at pure-data.sf.net,
or in the Debian sid distribution (there is a woody version in demudi).

The CVS version you have to ceckout with the devel_0_36 tag.

> Thanks,
> Thomas
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