[PD-dev] flext license

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Jan 21 12:01:23 CET 2003

Hallo Thomas,

Thomas Grill schrieb:
> However, flext is more general and in the Max/MSP world open-source is not
> as widespread as in the PD universe. 

Maybe flext could (help to) change that? 

> As a musician i'm often depending on stable, feature-rich performance
> tools and if they do the job i'm willing to pay for them. It's easy to
> develop large, complex packages with flext (see vasp) and i want to
> encourage that, be open-source or not.

I see your point, I have another opinion, but I don't have a problem with
that at all.  

I'd just like to add one thought. A flext external for Max/MSP on Mac
written by someone in the huge Max/MSP community could work on Pd-Linux, if
the source was available. But if that someone in the Max/Mac world wouldn't
want to supply or couldn't build a Pd/Linux binary, and wouldn't release
the source, it would be impossible to run it on Pd/Linux. 

This somehow, I think, would be against (one of) the whole point(s) of
flext: cross-plattform source code portability.

Frank Barknecht 

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