[PD-dev] flext license

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Wed Jan 22 17:27:56 CET 2003

> the bad bad comercial guys ;-). do you really think you can make money
> with a comercial license? in the case of flext i doubt it. let them pay
> for your support and your knowledge and don't ignore the advantages of
> the LGPL in some cases: Apple was able to use the KHTML library (HTML
> rendering) for there closed source Safari browser, because it's licensed
> under the LGPL. They made a lot of improvements to KHTML, which means a
> better open source HTML browser for Linux. Win-win situation...

Of course, nobody would expect to earn (a lot of) money selling flext
But it's a matter of principle. There are Max/MSP packages which are
commercial (tap.tools, litter power etc.) and there will be more, possibly
even for pd.
I developed flext for my own (musical) projects in the first case and it has
become larger and more time-consuming than i intended. I'm extremely happy
that other people use flext but i'm not in the position to finance some
else's commercial developments.

so, summing up, open-source rules!
best greetings,

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