[PD-dev] cvs Windows make / pd.tk

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jan 30 19:50:25 CET 2003

Adam Lindsay hat gesagt: // Adam Lindsay wrote:

> In devel_0_36, pd.tk and/or u_main.tk should have all instances of:
> .controls.in.clip
>   replaced with:
> .controls.inout.in.clip

Thank you for the fast reply, it helped. For the record: One should
also replace 



a little bit later in pd.tk/u_main.tk.

Do you also have an idea what might cause this hang when a dialog
obscures the main window? Pd audio runs fine then, but it is
impossible to close the dialog or open another openpanel dialog, which
of course isn't much fun for long. I don't remember the console
message, but I'll post it, when it occurs again.

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