[PD-dev] [GEM] cvs checkins

Daniel Heckenberg daniel at bogusfront.org
Mon Apr 7 14:37:47 CEST 2003

Daniel said:
> - I'm going to implement some control over window clearing into gemwin.
> This can be used to do multipass rendering and various other things.  I'm
> proposing a couple of changes:
> - "clearmode f" message to [gemwin] to set which buffers are cleared
> automatically in each render cycle
> - [clear] object to be inserted into the rendering chain to force a clear
> that time.

A first pass at this is now in CVS.

The "clearmask N" message can be passed to a gemwin to set the clearing
behaviour.  "N" is simply cached and passed directly in the glClear call -
generate it using the GLdefine mechanism and  GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT,

[GEMglClear] can be used in other gemlists to control buffer clearing.


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