[PD-dev] [GEM] evenMORE HOT cvs action!

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Fri Apr 11 01:27:13 CEST 2003

>Zitiere Me <tigital at mac.com>:
>>  pix_filmDarwin
>>	- like chris mentioned, this has been improved in the same manner as
>>  pix_filmDarwinYUV, meaning much improved frame access and speed...
>anyhow, i'd like to move all the OS/lib-dependent film-stuff into 
>film*.cpp files.
>any objections?

can you explain exactly how the new filmDarwin would be different 
than pix_filmDarwin?  i think i see the usefulness for linux and the 
many libs required to play various types of files, but the OSX stuff 
looks exactly the same.  maybe we could use ffmpeg for OSX too, but 
overall the platform dependencies are still there just under 
different names.

>and as i am now doing a workshop with some macers, would it be much 
>of a problem
>to add an alias from [pix_videoDarwin] to [pix_video] (does this apply to
>[pix_film] too ?)
>i think Gem-patches shouldn't be that platform-dependent....

pix_film already has the alias, but pix_video doesn't at the moment. 
also, there is pix_filmYUV and yuv_videoDarwin because GL doesn't 
like switching color-spaces for textures.  so right now the render 
chain has to be initialized as YUV or RGB and kept that way or the 
textures will get corrupted.

you might want to familiarize yourself with the differences between 
OSX and the other GEM versions, like using pix_texture2 for rectangle 
textures, and using YUV instead of RGB for much better performance.


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