[PD-dev] [GEM] cvs ci *.cpp *.h

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Apr 28 20:25:40 CEST 2003


a few commits i made to the gem-cvs (and probably a lot i have commited 
but haven't kept in mind)
i tried to comment all of them (and it was very tiresome...)

merged [pix_texture] and [pix_texture2] again.
still the old pix_texture2.cpp is not deleted (but [pix_texture] already 
adds an alias to [pix_texture2])
i have added the rectangle-texturing for nvidia-cards.
however, it might work or not on other machines than mine.
please ! do test it.
also i think i have fixed a bug, that crashed [pix_texture] when no 
image was present.

pix_video (under linux):
now has a message for setting the colour-space (like [color grey( or 
[color RGBA()
chris said something about openGL not liking to swap colour-spaces on 
the fly. i think this was a bug in [pix_texture] (i think). the 
base-texture has to be the same colour-space as the sub-texture.
after i had changed this, i could switch between colour-spaces.
(but unfortunately the yuv422 provided by the video4linux-drivers seem 
to be something different to what an nvidia-card expects as yuv422-texture)

the long awaited [part_render] (couldn't think of a better name) !
everything that is below the [part_render] will be used as a basic 
particle (like textured models (ok, this might be a little bit exhaustive))
[part_info] is similar to [part_render] but doesn't actually transform a 
render-list but rather provides all particle-properties as lists.
there are 2 demo-patches in particle
i hope, this will make the particle-system finally "useful" (personally 
i didn't like the dot/line particles)

the rest i cannot remember...


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