[PD-dev] [GEM] releasing 0.88 ???

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Apr 28 20:44:25 CEST 2003

hi gem-devs!

it has been a long time since the last "stable" (ok, 0.87 wasn't that 
stable) release of Gem has been done.
i think we should make this step sooner (or later)

what has to be done ?

just a few thoughts:

1. feature freeze:
features that have to be done (yet):
a) yuv_* -> pix_* (what is still missing ? eventually the objects would 
just have methods for yuv - only there shouldn't be any more yuv_objects)
b) [pix_video] for firewire-devices on all missing platforms (linux)
c) i'd like to have the new video/film classes rather than the old 
d) make [pix_write] work under osX
e) make the output of [gemkeyname] platform independent. but how ?

2. documentation
a) since chris is working on his tutorial (me, being lazy again) this 
might get into 0.88. (if not, it would be a pity which i could live with)
b) clean up the code (as jamie has pointed out, the short description in 
the source-files should match the functionality)

3. make it run when compiled with gcc-3.2. (is the only problem that 
gltt is not compiled with gcc-3.2 ?)
(a linux only problem, but i am not very experienced with 
compiler/linker internals; help would be appreciated)

X. make it stable !
a.) the openGL-wrapper doesn't necessarily have to be stabilized/tested.
it is far too much work, and i was rather thinking of fixing things when 
they are used.

of course, i have forgotten the most important things.
which ?


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