[PD-dev] [arraysize] in PD

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Tue Apr 29 00:23:38 CEST 2003

Hello all,

I'd like to make a motion that [arraysize] (by Pix) be included in the main
PD distribution and be considered for inclusion as a "native PD object".

My reasons:

1.  PD lacks this tool and although it is available as an external, I feel
that this functionality is essential and should be "internal".

2.  PD object names like [getsize] and [setsize] are
misleading...particularly when those reference files refer to "the size of
an array".  Obviously this matter would be clarified if users were presented
with [arraysize] also - I'm guessing that PD users would clearly understand
the different applications for these 'related' objects.

2.  I have just finished writing an abstraction entitled "all_about_arrays"
for PDDP which will be included as a supplement to the PDDP reference files
regarding [tabread], [tabwrite], [tabsend~], [tabwhatever] etc. To
demonstrate some of the "usefulness" of arrays (i.e. wave editing,
concatenating two arrays, slicing and splicing arrays, joining arrays,
reversing an array, etc.) I have found it necessary to use [arraysize] and I
would prefer that users not have to download and install an external object
just to understand these tutorials.  Particularly when determining the
length of an array is such a standard procedure in high level programming

If anybody has any objections, I'd like to discuss this matter.  Otherwise,
should Miller make a decision on this?

I don't know how Pix feels about this, as I have never discussed it with

If all developers vote "no", then what is the best method for PDDP to
include [arraysize] in the reference files?  Should I link to the CVS?
Should I keep an updated arraysize.dll in the downloadable zip?  Should I
assume that most users would have the foresight to have already downloaded

Dave Sabine

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