[PD-dev] dealing with patch dependencies (being stuck at widget's redesign)

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here is my reply Krysztof, with headers, your isp rejected it.

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Subject: Re: [PD-dev] dealing with patch dependencies (being stuck at
  widget's redesign)
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in the max-msp-nato world it is quite common for dependencies which 
are patchers and  objects and files to be included in the directory 
which contains the patch...is this a reasonable solution for pd also?

At 12:29 +0200 4/29/03, Krzysztof Czaja wrote:
>hi all,
>in the ideal world there is only a patch file.
>In most real cases patches depend on various resources -- sound
>files, midi files, abstractions, externals, and what not.  This
>is a tough thing to deal with, if pd projects are to be moved
>between systems, merged one with another, or simply survive
>installation changes.
>I wonder how people handle these things.  Is there a common
>practice, or any home-brew tricks which help in interchanging
>(or merging, or switching between, etc.) projects more reliably
>than by hand?
>This is quite a general problem.  One special case is, of course,
>resolving object creation names (i.e. dealing with external name
>clashes, among other things).
>(The resources 'widget' depends on are ``widget definition files''.
>Currently, widget uses both the installation-wide default.wid
>file, and per-widget-type definition files.  Now I am looking for
>a way of associating these with particular patches.)
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